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Learn more on how to use our serums and oils to ensure your results are effective. 


Skin & Beard Butter

Kings Rise butter is citrus infused shea butter blend with high quality carrier oil for skin and hair benefits. Kings rise is a hair and skin moisturizer. This product contains a complexed mix of vitamins A,E, and C . Use a dime to quarter size of butter and rub into palm before spreading it in desired area.


Beard Oil

Sinless Allure has a masterful blend of essential oils and high quality carrier oils servicing the beard with proper nutrients offering moisture and shine. This beard oil helps detangle corse hair strengthens hair root and leaves the beard smelling and feeling amazing. 5-7 pumps of the oil should be all thats needed to effectively cover the beard you also use on your skin.


Facial Serum

Liquid gold skin serum was designed to nourish the skin with vitamin e, repair, replenish, and tone the skin2-3 pumps of the oil is all you need to effectively cover the you also use on your face add more pumps for skin.

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