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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

It is no secret that the past few years have seen men take more interest in self-care/grooming services and products. Considering how many conventional and innovative solutions are out there, it is safe to say there is no shortage of self-careoptions available for men today.

Even more interesting is the fact that more and more men today look for luxury in whatever grooming products and services they choose. The truth is, there is something about the idea of luxury that signals superior quality and status. So, it comes as no surprise when men seek to earn that “high-value" badge by choosing luxury grooming services.

See, while this flourishing of luxury grooming services/products has been wholly welcomed and embraced by men, it comes with its own set of challenges. With so many grooming services and products, which one is the best? Are there luxury grooming services/products that are just great for every man? Now, these questions bring us to the main purpose of this post: to share information on the top 5 grooming services/products for high-value men.

Without further ado, below is a list of 5 luxury self-care services/products for every high-value man.


An effective skincare regime is vital for achieving healthy andblemish-free skin. High-value men don’t neglect skincare, and that’s why they are so attractive. Would you like to shoot your skincare game into the sky? If yes, do well to check out RoyalOils products page for top-of-the-line skincare productsfor men.


As a high-value man, your self-care regimen is not complete without a line-up of high-quality hair products that will cleanse, style, restore, and protect your beautiful hair.

Getting haircare right is as easy as finding the best hair product for your mane. Now, the real challenge is in laying your hands on something that will actually work for you. Fortunately, RoyalOils has a variety of premium hair care products that are great for all hair types.


A well-done beard trim is one of the standout self-care services for a high-value man. You can make your face come alive and flourish with a proper beard trim. Your beard needs constant trimming and applying high-quality beard care products to stay nourished, healthy, and attractive.

A combination of regular care and premium beard care products can help you pull off an impressive beard that will compliment your facial features and further solidify your status as a high-value man. And speaking of beard care products, you cannot go wrong with any RoyalOils beard care oils. Head over to the products page for more information.


Would you like to alleviate stress instantly? Try scalp massages. In case you didn’t know, apart from making you feel good and improving the appearance of your scalp, messages are also great for your health. Many men neglect the necessity of a scalp massage because they are unaware of its benefits.

As a high-value man, here is why you shouldn’t do the same:

The scalp loses moisture and gets dry skin over time. As a result, it becomes itchy and oily, leaving hair follicles cloggedand resulting in hair loss. To avoid these downsides, all you have to do is routinely get a good old scalp massage. You don’t have to be a master at the technique as most top-rated men’s care establishments in your location can help you with it.


Getting your eyebrows waxed can do wonders for your appearance. It is common to see men neglect their eyebrows when grooming themselves. Sadly, bushy eyebrows can become unflattering over time. Your eyes are usually the firstpeople glance at when they look at you. And right above your eyes are your eyebrows, so you wouldn’t want to lack allure and style for one of the assets of your most prominent facial features.

Eyebrow waxing is a lasting solution that uproots hair at the root rather than just removing hair from the surface. You can wax your eyebrows yourself or use the services of any top-rated men’s grooming establishment in your location.

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