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7 Aromatherapy benefits

Updated: Jan 18


Aromatherapy, also known as essential oil therapy, refers to a range of alternative or complementary therapies that use essential oils. Human beings have been using essential oils for millennia, intending to better our physical, mental, and emotional states.

Aromatherapy applications include inhalation, topical applications, and massage. Along with providing a sweet smell, essential oils can provide respiratory disinfection, decongestant, and psychological benefits.

Discussed below are some of the top benefits of aromatherapy.


Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety annually. To combat this problem, more therapists have started looking to the use of essential oils. Some of the essential oils that help relieve anxiety include rose, lavender, bergamot, and chamomile.


Stress is something everyone deals with regularly. While there is no way to avoid it altogether, it is possible to manage it. And aromatherapy happens to provide an excellent way of managing stress.

Lavender, an essential oil, has been scientifically proven to help with reducing stress. It calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and resets brain waves to help you feel more relaxed.


Some essential oils are famous for their stimulating properties. They are great for giving you that much-needed pep in your step. All citrus oils, especially lemon, are rich inantioxidant terpenes such as limonene, which work as natural energizers.


According to a review published in Pain Research and Treatment, aromatherapy has a better positive impact compared to control treatments or placebos, when it comes to treating pain.

Some of the best essential oils for pain management include eucalyptus, turmeric, chamomile, thyme, and ginger.


Anyone struggling with paying attention to tasks can benefit from aromatherapy. That is because essential oils can work wonders when it comes to improving concentration, memory, and cognitive performance.

Improving brain health ranks among the top reasons whypeople turn to aromatherapy. Containing compounds that fight free radicals, essential oils are helpful for people withdementia, Alzheimer's, and other mental illnesses.


In terms of effective sleep aids, essential oils are renowned for their natural sedative properties. Research has proven that lavender oil promotes restful sleep. Other sleep-promoting essential oils include chamomile, ylang-ylang, and bergamot.


Are you suffering from indigestion or diarrhoea?Aromatherapy can help improve digestive health by stimulating digestive enzymes so they can effectively break down nutrients.

Essential oils can also help to reduce abdominal pain and relieve gas. One great example is ginger oil, which has excellent healing properties.

Outlined below are some popular essential oils and their use in aromatherapy:

Bergamot essential oil is said to be useful for the urinary tract and digestive tract. When combined with eucalyptus oil it may help relieve skin problems, including those caused by stress.

Basil essential oil is used to sharpen concentration and alleviate some of the symptoms of depression. It may relieve headaches and migraines. It should be avoided during pregnancy.

Chamomile essential oil can treat eczema

Citronella essential oil is a relative of lemongrass and acts as an insect repellent

Black pepper essential oil is commonly used for stimulating circulation, muscular aches and pains, and bruises. Combined with ginger essential oil, it is used to reduce arthritis pain and improve flexibility.

Eucalyptus essential oil can help relieve the airways during a cold or flu. It is often combined with peppermint. Many people are allergic to eucalyptus, so care should be taken.

Clove essential oil is a topical analgesic, or painkiller, that is commonly used for toothache. It is also used as an antispasmodic antiemetic, for preventing vomiting and nausea, and as a carminative, preventing gas in the gut. It has antimicrobial, antioxidant and antifungal properties.

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