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The Royal Treatment 5 simple hacks to create a well groomed man.

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Instagram, Facebook, Tic-Tok you name it, Social media is plastered with lifestyle experts portraying as jet setters while consuming the best brands that luxury has to offer. This age of technology has merged everyone together providing unlimited access into lifestyles that seem over the top both real and fake but it hard to tell the difference from a phone. Much of the social media content today is driven by access to excess driving many men between 21-35yrs of age insane tryin to keep up with strangers from the internet competing at a unhealthy level to feel socially accepted. After all we all want to belong to group but knowing enough about yourself and the group is important before looking for acceptance. After talking to some well established men that vary in age, race, class I put together a nice layout of the modern day well groomed man is and what one should embody to complete this transformation.

  1. Keep your mind on your purpose. Well groomed men have a reason to be well groomed. Once you decide what your committed to nothing feels better then looking good while doing your thing. The mind has to be focused on high levels of purpose and the furtherance of the mind is essential. Think about it this way your purpose can service the entire planet and everyone on it in a positive way if your focused and creative. The purpose of men is usually what they feel the strongest conviction about and

  • Health. Health is wealth the mind and body works better when fine tune and healthy. A healthy lifestyle is important for the confidence and clarity of a man. A moderate workout between 20 --60 min for 3-5 days a week is known to clear the mind and energize the body. Always remember the body is vessel that protects the mind aka brain so make sure that your healthy.

  • Personality. Choosing to be authentic isn't always easy especially when it can seemingly benefit you to follow the ever changing landscape of fake personalities, social influencers and networking politics. Men of purpose have a lot to lose in todays age of cancel culture, the wrong statement can have an adverse effect on your earning potential and livelihood. A well versed man personality should to be flexible yet radical but not phony because even when people don't say it aloud they respect authenticity. I like to use the 38th law from the 48 laws of power "Behave like others but think like yourself". A man with a mind of his own won't be controlled but his actions can make others feel comfortable being around him.

  • Style. A mans style is of upmost importance. Your style represents your approach and attitude you can quickly and quietly interpret a lot about a man from his appearance. iYou can tell if he's a flashy, or low-key type of guy or if he's a seriously rugged type of man from his appearance will will inform you . A man doesn't have to wear designer labels to have style but they must have good taste and understanding of how clothes fit and look on their body type.

  • Spirit. The spirit of a man is the most crucial part of his being it is the non physical part of a persons true self and capability. A man with a good spirit, energy or presence can fill a room. The spirit determines how you feel about yourself its were your emotions are seated and character is developed. A man must seek harmony between body, mind, and spirit.

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